Sopranos Star BLASTS Director -- Where Is My Fing Money

'Sopranos' Star BLASTS Director -- "Where Is My F****ing Money?!!"

Vincent Pastoremust really look up toChristian Balebecause the former "Sopranos" star just went ballistic on the set of a movie -- blasting the director's camera work and demanding his ,000 paycheck!
TMZ obtained the explosive audio of Pastore giving the business to"Off Limits"director Sal Fusco. VP starts off bitching about Fusco's shots, saying, "I knew I needed a f**king closeup, and you weren't gonna f**king do it!"
The actor -- best known as "Big Pussy" -- was also fuming about not getting paid yet. Best of all ... sources on set tell us all this went down just 10 minutes after Pastore arrived on set!
Before the rant ... Pastore did manage to shoot one scene. Check out the video -- you can see the tension starting to build.
Neither Pastore or Fusco have returned our calls for comment.

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Sopranos Star BLASTS Director -- Where Is My Fing Money